Tinnitus Miracle by Thomas Coleman Review – The Straight Truth On How I Stopped the Ringing

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Seen The Tinnitus Miracle advertised all over the internet, but not sure if it’s worth your money?
Tired of all of the grossly inflamed sales pitches? Need some honesty?

Here is my Tinnitus Miracle story so you can make your own educated decision about The Tinnitus Miracle by Lisa Olson.

How It Started: From Struggling to Determination

I started a blog in December 2008, mostly due to my oldest child Steven convincing me that blogging was cool. I decided that it would be a good idea just to write down the things that happen, just because I’ve been having so much trouble hearing and being bothered by constant ringing, whoosing, and waves in my brain. If you were feeling the way that I was, you would need some sort of release.

About five years ago, I started having problems with my hearing. My first doctor talked to me about Tinnitus, and told me that my employment as a construction worker was severely hurting my hearing. Of course, this made perfect sense, but I wore the best hearing protection that our company could buy. Still, I took his advice and sought a different position with our company. I gave up my passion for woodworking and machining to become a desk jockey. Sure, I hated it, but I thought that it would stop the nagging whooshing sounds that would happen from time to time. Could my hearing be already on its way out at 27 years of age? It couldn’t be! It was time to get a second opinion.

As my father, Ernest, would always tell me, you don’t know the human body unless your name ends in M.D. I believed what they told me. Little did I know that sometimes clinic doctors can’t help you as much as they say.

I was diagnosed with Tinnitus, and now the enemy has a name.

At 28, still having a constant ringing in my ears that no physician could seemingly fix, I would wake up every morning becoming more frustrated and angry. My wife Gina and I were expecting our daughter Kelly within the month and I could barely hear her call my name to fetch her something to drink or eat. Plus, the pain in my head would make me very snippy with her, even if she didn’t deserve it. At the job, I would make little mistakes on paperwork and invoices; all because I could not get all of the information that I was being told. On multiple occasions I was threatened to be fired do to messing up. Fortunately I didn’t lose my job (thank heavens), but I was losing my mind. As I began to hate every day, my relationships with those around me suffered, my job was killing me softly, I found it hard to get along and communicate with my family. The worst of it was that my home life was almost slipping away….

I love Gina and Steven, our son, with all my heart. They are the most important people in the world to me and I would do anything for them. This problem with my hearing and the ringing and sounds that didn’t exist to anyone else was driving me insane, and the people that I cared most about were suffering right along with me. I would never want to put them through any pain, and I was convinced that this was my fault. Would I miss the sounds of my newborn child’s first words? Will I be able to talk to my son about being a man and doing what’s right in this world? Questions like this almost drove me over the edge, as I contemplated the worst case scenarios in my head over and over again. I felt like my hearing would soon perish and that I would never be able to hear correctly again. During those years, I even had thoughts of hurting myself, solely from the anger and rage I felt due to my severe tinnitus and this obviously only sent me spiraling further into a state of dark depression.

I’m so glad that my family stayed with me through it all, and they are the best a man could ever ask for.

When I was 30, I lost my mother. Tracy, the most wonderful woman in the world, was called home in the company of her family. It was a tragic event, and it made me even more hurt inside. You see, I was struggling with tinnitus throughout her sickness and could barely visit her, as her soft voice was hardly audible through the ringing in my ears and brain. The loss of life makes me think of how short our lives really are, and that there is no reason to settle for less than what you know could be better. I knew my hearing could be fixed, I just could not figure out how. No doctor had told me anything of the wiser. The death of my mother fueled me to search for an answer for myself.

In retrospect, this experience taught me a very important lesson-

At the beginning of every miracle is a white-hot burning desire that far exceeds any chance of failure.

As I became increasingly focused on my desire, I found myself filled with an never-ending and focused determination.

I was ready to do whatever it would take. I was going to get stop tinnitus.

From Defense to Offense: Find a Gameplan

I was tired of feeling sorry for myself and knew that self-pity was not going to remove the buzzing in my ears, but rather put me further down in the dump. Armed with a new focus, I was prepared to make the moves to get my hearing back. Just the thought of hearing my child’s first words and hearing the pitter-patter of baby steps made me excited to find a cure for tinnitus. My wife Gina is more tech savvy than I and we began doing research on what was possible for my ailment.

Gina spent quite a while looking for different solutions to tinnitus. She looked for many days and nights for different reviews on Amazon.com for books on the subject, and she was on Google for days on end looking for something that didn’t sound phony and generic. Meanwhile, my hearing was not getting any better and severe tinnitus had forced me to take time away from work. Now our finances were beginning to suffer. None of these reviews and information had anything new for me, and they were beginning to sound a lot like the first doctor I went to.

I wasn’t looking for an excuse to feel better about my hearing.

I was looking for a plan to beat it.

My case of tinnitus was exceptionally severe, so I was looking for an exceptional tinnitus method.

I remember it was a Thursday when Gina told me that she had found a forum about hearing ailments and hearing aids and found a gentleman by the name of Josiah who had conquered the serious symptoms of tinnitus and was around the same age as me. What was extremely interesting was that Josiah had worked in construction like myself and had similar problems. With my newfound fire for recovery, I took the step out of my shell and emailed Josiah and asked him how he got rid of his tinnitus. He recommended me to a book called The Tinnitus Miracle by Thomas Coleman. After a few back-and-forths, I started being friends with Josiah and I went for his recommendation and checked out the book.

The First Look: Never Assume Anything

Sorry about the cliche, but when I first came to The Tinnitus Miracle website, I wasn’t very impressed.
To be completely honest, it was ugly and they should have fired the designer. Plus, the cover of the book just didn’t do it for me and lacked the “luster” that a published book would have. Clearly my suspicions came into play.

To top it off, I’ve never bought an ebook before in my life, and I wouldn’t have ever considered it because of scams.

But something about this book seemed different.

Jumping Right In: Why I Bought the Tinnitus Miracle

Going against my first impression of the website, I took Josiah’s advice and read everything on the webpage. It worked for him and he was very enthusiastic about it, so I had to check it out.
The website itself had enough content to be a small book. Gina and I reviewed the page thoroughly and we were both impressed beyond belief. The main points that I couldn’t stop thinking about were:

  • Thomas Coleman – not just another hearing aid guru: There are tons of self-proclaimed hearing expert gurus available, most of them talk about the same things, educate about the same common techniques, and others just flat out don’t understand what they are teaching. I just couldn’t get myself to believe that someone could help a severe tinnitus problem such as mine. Whether holistic or prescription based – it was going to be tough. What was true was that Thomas Coleman had the same experience as me and then dedicated a large chunk of his life to hearing research. His story of unforgiving passion to help others allowed him to discover the Tinnitus Miracle and help those suffering just like me.

Another lesson I learned on my journey is this-

Picking your mentors is quite possibly the most crucial thing that you can do to funnel your desire into success.

  • The Tinnitus Miracle – not the same old-fashioned advice. As I’ve already mentioned several times, many of the other plans that we looked at featured the same generic, recycled hearing advice. The Tinnitus Miracle stands out distinctly from other ear support programs because it begins by bringing a whole new level of hearing advice and making other publications dated and obsolete. taking a completely different stance on infertility than all other publications, a view that originates in Ancient Chinese/Eastern Medicine. Whereas Western medicine views ringing of the ears as some sort of failure or dysfunction, the word “infertility” does not even exist in Chinese. Only the word “imbalance.” And this the cornerstone of The Tinnitus Miracle method, to help you regain balance your energies and prepare you for a world of clear hearing. The Tinnitus Miracle treats the body as the complex, interwoven system that it is, instead of looking at just your ears.

The Tinnitus Miracle aims to regain balance for your body for conception, rather than just make your ears better.

  • Free Consultation with the acclaimed author?! This was huge for me and is pretty unique. Not only do I get a communication channel to the author, I get to actually receive consulting from him! Never in my life have I been given the chance to receive consulting as an added bonus from the same person that is guiding me through the struggle of tinnitus. My eyes were opened as I realized the value and coolness of ebooks. If Thomas had released and published his book through a major publishing house with a huge retailer, he would have not had the opportunity to speak with his readers. Since he took the time and effort to publish it himself online, he can do whatever he would want to do to further help the readers of The Tinnitus Miracle. So along with the many years of expertise that are documented, Thomas offered the ability to consult with him just in case I needed extra guidance or a push in the right direction. Suffering from tinnitus was a nightmare, and that assurance was a blessing. As far as I have seen, and I’ve seen a lot, Thomas Coleman is the only author/expert to offer this kind of follow-up support for his books.

Most of the time when I feel I shouldn’t buy something, it’s because I don’t need it or I won’t be able to use it to the fullest.

Fortunately, Thomas offers 1 on 1 consulting with the Tinnitus Miracle to make sure that it takes tinnitus out of your life.

In my case, Thomas turned out to be a mentor and close friend.

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee! This is what sealed everything for me. After realizing that I could read every review until the end of the Internet and think to myself whether this would help me or not, I was still going to be suffering from this infernal ringing in my ears that won’t go away. Since I was only going to get worse, I’ve got nothing to lose. I was tired of ripping my hair out everyday due to the ringing in my ears. It was affecting every part of my life, and getting rid of it was worth any price. Worse case scenario I look for another solution and get my money back, but I’m never going to get support like this from the hearing help books on Amazon, so I had to take the first step and start with The Tinnitus Miracle.

I told myself, “Jon, $0 is not a big risk in exchange for a life without my ears ringing constantly. This is not a hard decision.”

Putting Words into Action

The Tinnitus Miracle was a quick and easy read. It was written in plain and easy-to-read English that wasn’t full of fluff. Best of all, I got step-by-step instructions to get my hearing back on track to improvement.

I documented a decent chunk of my journey over the winter of 2009/2010 in my blog, but over 2 months I found myself doing the following:

* Looking over the Tinnitus Miracle
* Started a yoga class
* Becoming more observant of nature
* Adopting a (tasty) healthy diet
* Smiling
* Rediscovering the power of positive thinking
* Getting closer with my wife than we’d been in years
* Connecting with hundreds of amazing, supportive, and overall awesome people that are fighting tinnitus through this blog

And finally, on Thursday February 4th, something strange happened.

Gina was already off to work when I woke up. We had a nice evening planned with dinner and sitting out back in our patio rocker. That rocker was somewhere where I could almost get away from it all. It was about 10 a.m. and I was sizzling some turkey bacon and egg beaters for breakfast. Everything seemed normal, but then as I turned on SportsCenter, I noticed something.

I could hear everything clearly.

Every score, every highlight, everything was clear and without ringing in my ears or any whoosing of the sounds. It was about 2 months since beginning The Tinnitus Miracle and I can’t even begin to tell you about the feeling of a noise free SportsCenter! It finally happened!

I had to test it out to be sure.

Ever since my tinnitus became severe, I could not listen to or appreciate music. My favorite group is the Red Hot Chili Peppers and it had been at least 2 years since I tried to listen to a song. Realizing that this might be the end, I went to YouTube and looked up a song of theirs. This was the one.

I was in shock…and I sang every word.
My Tinnitus Miracle had come for me. I stopped the ringing in my ears!

The Aftermath: Telling the World

After these long years of ringing in my ears, I felt like I was on top of the world. When Gina got home from work with our kids, they couldn’t believe it. While in shock of hearing my wife’s beautiful voice in all of its clarity, and hearing Steven say, “Dad, why are you so happy?“, I barely could make words to tell them the good news. I thought I would never hear the same again, and now thanks to the Tinnitus Miracle, I did it. Life really is good.

As I got accustomed to hearing the world as it was meant to be heard, I was taken over by a surge of inspiration and gratitude to my mentors and all the people who had helped me fight for my hearing. To Thomas Coleman for showing me the right path. A big thanks goes to Josiah and his life-changing recommendation and guidance. To all of the people who joined me in The Tinnitus Miracle and served as my online support group of friends. And most of all, thanks you Gina, for sticking with me and dealing with my madness. I love her and my whole family so much, and I couldn’t have do it without them.

There I was. The happiest man alive, but I thought that things could be even better. I felt the need to make other people suffering from tinnitus as happy as me! I decided that I would start a group for people who cannot find a way to stop ringing in their ears. They’ve been told that there was no hope, but those doctors and physicians were wrong. I had no problem finding 22 tinnitus patients, both men and women, for my Tinnitus Miracle workshop.

If I had any other doubts about the effectiveness of The Tinnitus Miracle, the workshop put an end to them.

20 out 22 people that were suffering from ringing in their ears got rid of that stressful, painful sound in less than 4 months!

I wrote this review so that you could be convinced for yourself that The Tinnitus Miracle by Thomas Coleman works.

It worked for me. It worked for 22 folks in my tinnitus and hearing workshop. And I know that its worked for many other people that have contacted me through my blog.

The next step is up to you. How badly do you want to stop tinnitus?

The ball is in your court now. You can either continue reading blogs, reviews, and searching for free snippets, or you can download The Tinnitus Miracle now, and give yourself a chance at your dreams.

If you are not 100% determined to cure tinnitus, The Tinnitus Miracle is not for you.

If you are, I sincerely hope you will be our next success story!

Let Me Download Tinnitus Miracle Now!

*I know that Thomas has become much more popular since I bought The Tinnitus Miracle, so he may not be offering phone consultation by the time you read this post. In my experience, he has always been very responsive via email, etc. If this is a make or break for you, I suggest you find out for yourself.



May 3rd, 2009 / 20 Comments »

I know guys aren’t supposed to cry, but I have tears as I write this.

I FINALLY got rid of my Tinnitus!

Thank you so, so much for all the people out there that have followed my journey, and I hope that all of you will have a day as happy as today. Rest assured that this won’t be my last blog post, and that you can still send any questions Tinnitus questions to me at mytinnitusmiracle at gmail dot com. I always promise that I will get to as many emails as I can, and with all of the many people that were told that they were incurable that email me, it may take a little bit, but a promise is a promise. Scout’s honor.

One last thing, as I’ve said time and time again in all of my posts, I am now more than convinced that Dr. Thomas Coleman’s “Tinnitus Miracle” is the best holistic tinnitus treatment in the world!

Remember, 3 doctors told me that there was NO way that I could totally get rid of my tinnitus.

I tried everything available, and I finally proved all of them wrong with Dr. Thomas Coleman’s Tinnitus Miracle.

During the last few months, beginning with the personal consultations that came with The Tinnitus Miracle, I have come to know Thomas as a mentor and a good friend, and I can infer to you that he is for real. He is a man who struggled with excruciating pain from Tinnitus, and after years of research, he finally cured his tinnitus. I am and will always be grateful beyond belief to this amazing guy for passing on his knowledge to me and giving me the opportunity to finally live.

My situation seemed 100% hopeless.

I was deemed “severely damaged” with imbalances in my ear.


If The Tinnitus Miracle worked for me, it definitely will work for you too.

And, I believe in The Tinnitus Miracle so much, that Thomas gave me the permission to begin offering Tinnitus Miracle workshops here in my city! After displaying my workshop on Craigslist and advertising with the park district, 28 people have signed up for the Tinnitus Miracle workshop in only 5 days!

I can’t even tell you how happy I am to enjoy the rest of my life with full and competent hearing and also to share what I have learned with all of my new friends that I have found through this blog.

One of the fellas that signed up sent me an email that reads:

Hey Jon!

Congratulations on getting rid of the ringing! I have been following your tales since the beginning and my wife Elena and I have been behind you 100% of the way.

I’ve been going through the same thing too for the last several months and with not so good results from my doctors. I think it is about that time to look at the holistic approaches that are in The Tinnitus Miracle.

Seeing that you have had a tough time with it, and if it worked for you, I don’t doubt one bit that it won’t work for me.

I have a question though, will you be changing the Tinnitus Miracle for the workshop or it is going to go directly by the book?

Can’t wait to call you my mentor!

-Denver J.

I get emails like this from Denver in my inbox every day, but I will let this be known here-

We will not be modifying The Tinnitus Miracle program for 2 reasons- it is all encompassing AND IT WORKS!

Before I get ahead of myself, there is something that I have to tell you. The first couple songs that I listened to when I heard the world without ringing for the first time in years, were by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. This is exact song and video that I played and if you like them like I do, you understand the message.

I sung every word, and I know I can’t sing, but it was true. No more ringing!

You can be without ringing in just a few weeks!

Thanks A MILLION for all of you out there again, to my family that has been behind me through everything and reading my blog and for God for giving me the second chance at hearing and life, and also helping me find Thomas Coleman and his incredible holistic hearing teachings.

For you guys that have been reading and following out there, I have one piece of final advice -

Stop Robbing Yourself of clear hearing IMMEDIATELY

STOP being your own biggest obstacle

This DOESN’T have to be so hard!

You deserve it.

Get Thomas’ book right now. Pick it up and start reading it today, and stop feeling sorry for yourself and hopeless about your hearing.


Think that it will be too hard? Don’t fret at all, Thomas has a network of 1000′s of successful patients just like me, and you get free consultations with Thomas when you buy his book!

If it doesn’t work in 8 weeks (which it will), Thomas will give you 100% of your money back.




The Tinnitus Miracle took me from ringing in my ears to great hearing!

Please don’t wait another day to try it. With The Tinnitus Miracle, you’ll be hearing the world as it was meant to be heard!

Thomas has graciously extended a special offer to my readers who his book!

Tinnitus Miracle

FREE Personal coaching – that’s 14 years of hearing research from the man the wrote the book available to you for no cost! That’s FREE!

5 Free Supplements that were not included in the original publication.


FREE Lifetime Updates. Thomas is a practicing hearing health researcher that works with 1000′s of men and woman and you will be the first to learn of his findings!


Surving the “Is It Gone Yet?” Period

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Like I’ve said before, I always would sit down with Gina and just focus on getting the ringing out of my head. If you’ve been feeling like I’ve been feeling than you know that it can be ever-present and ever-annoying. We blocked out all of the stress and anxiety present in our lives and just brought in peace and relaxation. It really helped and put me and my body in the right place to end the ringing.

It’s only going to be a few days now according the Tinnitus Miracle which has been my bible for the last few weeks. The wait for that day seems like forever! Those of you that are with me have already been talking to me through email. I know we are going to cure it!

Here are some awesome ways inspired by the Tinnitus Miracle and its tips on dealing with the wait and not becoming impatient and killing yourself in the process!

* Dig Yourself Into A New Project. Quit thinking about the ringing (I know it’s hard!) just for a minute and think about your original passions and what you like to do for fun. Build a new art table or even paint a picture. Charcoal drawings can be fun too. Do you like to read? Pick up a new book or blog (pleasure, not business) and just immerse yourself. Just make sure that you are having a good time doing it. Finally you can watch those Family Guy episodes you’ve wanted to watch, guilt free!

* No hearing thoughts! Not literally, but don’t think about the ringing in your ears or how great it would be if it stopped. Don’t make it worse by thinking about listening to music and outdoors or anything or talking to people about your problem. If you have been following the steps as they are explained in the Tinnitus Miracle, then you have all the tools and energy in you to get the ringing to stop.

* Fun Fun Fun! If possible, head out on a vacation or have fun with your significant other. Go out on a romantic date or have dinner and a nice smoothie. Just make sure you are smiling! [If you haven’t been doing this a lot, give it a try during this time give it a try!]

* Love! Show your family how much you love them, and even get sensual with your lover. Always makes me smile!

Sending a big shout out to all my friends that I’ve met during testing Tinnitus Miracle friends. I am proud of all of you guys. I’ve gotten a few success stories already and I know that there are many more to come.  For the people that are just jumping in with us, it isn’t too late to get rid of the ringing! This is a community of mutually supportive men and women who are determined to get rid of tinnitus against anything. If you are ready to stop the ringing, join us now!

My Wife Is The Best!

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Hey Everyone!

Just taking a break from my regular writing to let you know that I have the most amazing wife in the world! I woke up this morning to breakfast served up! To top it off, we are going to the amusement park today. Awesome!

I win!

P.s. Here’s what the food looked like.  Some of the best french toast with homemade topping!

Edit:  So this tasted like HEAVEN.  I recommend you guys tell (ask) your wife for a surprise breakfast!

Eastern Medicine. Snake Oil or the Key to Stopping the Ringing?

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My readers know that I’m from a traditional family and I grew up in a community that the words “Eastern Medicine” and “Holistic Healing” would have gotten me exiled from the house. HA. It would likely be thought of as something a doctor from California would do and would involve a silly ritual in a church. If you went on to explain that you were really referring to medicinal properties from East Asia, the person to whom you are speaking to might inquire, “Is that like voodoo practices from Louisiana like vampires and stuff?”

You probably are laughing at me, but after my last post, I got plenty of emails from people that were outraged that I mentioned that ringing in the ears was a condition that is mostly made up by drug companies to make money off of people that are in a bad situation in their lives.

One man wrote to me this:


My wife and I are huge fans of your blog. It’s given us a lot of insight and inspiration, but I’m honestly a bit ticked off that you would say that tinnitus is “made up.” It feels like a slap in the face to read that.

It’s been almost 27 months since I’ve been trying to get rid of tinnitus and it hasn’t been going very well at all. How can you say this Jon? How can I be imagining what’s going on in my head??

Perhaps there’s something I don’t get about the Eastern view of tinnitus. Could you please explain this better?

Looking forward to your response,

D——–, IA

I completely understand his outrage at what I said, so I would like to better explain why I have my heart set that Eastern medicine has the key to solving tinnitus.

Unlike Western medicine, Eastern techniques look a the entire body as a complex system and not just at what is wrong.

You probably already know, but for those that don’t, cancerous cells often originate in one part of the body and spreads itself to other parts of the body. The medical and regular world accepts it and knows that this is the sad reality. The cancer doesn’t care about which body part it affects, it sees all available cells as possibilities to infect.

We can now get into how Western medicinal practices attempts to treat tinnitus. The approach that we are most familiar with is that of finding the “broken” part of the ear and fix it however possible. They assume that if you hear ringing or different sounds during the day then the problem must originate in your hearing organs. Even so, what if the problem doesn’t lie in the anvil, stirrup, or hammer, but just manifests itself there. What if the root of the problem is in your mouth or throat? Believing in such, Chinese medicine does believe that the mouth and throat, along with a few other key areas, are involved with hearing health.


I thought this was weird at first, but that went away quickly as I realized that there is nothing saying that my ringing of the ears even has to do with the parts of my ears. As it all started to come together in my head, I began to see how the drugs and possible surgeries do not solve the cause of tinnitus, but only treat it on the “outside”.

So, to treat tinnitus and ringing ears properly, a holistic or entire body approach is what is necessary, and this is exactly what Eastern techniques bring to the table and taught in the Tinnitus Miracle.

What is with the “Energy”? It sounds like fake magic to me.

Not really. In the Tinnitus Miracle, Thomas talks about the different energies (i.e. ying, yang, chi, etc.) that explains imbalances in the body that can cause the ringing. This could sound like some “trendy” mess at first, but it really makes a lot of sense. Actually, I now find it quite strange that the idea of energy is not even a part of Western medicine practices.

If we accept that the body is indeed a complex, interrelated whole, rather than a bunch of loosely related parts, then we need some way to understand how each part of the body communicates with the rest. Western medicine breaks the body into individual “systems,” where the “blood” is the messenger of the cardiovascular system; neurons are the messengers of the nervous system. But the Western approach still doesn’t explain how all of these systems coexist within the body. How do they all work together? This is precisely what the concept of “energy” explains in eastern medicine – how the bodies parts function with respect to whole at the most basic level.

Still sound a bit far-fetched? Well take this into consideration – Western medicine accepts that the nervous system is literally an electrical network. Read that again, electrical network. So the significant of energies isn’t magic after all? Western medicine doesn’t reject the concept of energy in the body, yet it just leaves a few parts out.

OK.  So what is this talk about “broken” versus “imbalanced?”

That’s a good question. I said before that the doctors I had visited about my ringing had said that I was a lost cause (in better terms, of course), since I didn’t know much about my problem, and neither did they. That was it. To them, they thought that my ears were broken. To alleviate the problem I had to have substances placed into my body (plus surgery was tossed in there) and I was feeling sick and still didn’t help me get rid of the ringing.

The Eastern approach in the Tinnitus Miracle does not think that I am broken nor do I need help from another to fix myself. In place of that, it says that I am only temporary “imbalanced” and the remedy doesn’t require help, but just a constant focus on getting better from within. After the fact that this is the way to think about life, it gives way to other ways to cure tinnitus such as acupuncture, herbal teas and supplements, diets, mediation, and plenty of other ways.

Saying this, anybody that has been told that there is “nothing they can do” should be EXTREMELY interested in the Holistic method of the Tinnitus Miracle.

Hope that this has answered many questions that you may have had about holistic treatments on the path towards tinnitus treatment. I am fully convinced that the Eastern approach is way more effective for men and women with tinnitus problems.

If you haven’t already joined our community of Tinnitus Miracle men and women , please download the Tinnitus Miracle now. You have too much to gain, and absolutely nothing to lose. Remember, the program comes with a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not absolutely convinced that it will get rid of your Tinnitus.

I sincerely hope this blog will encourage many more people to join our group of WINNERS! Can’t wait to have you with us!

Tinnitus – Severe Medical Condition or $2 Billion Pharmaceutical Scam?

March 16th, 2009 / 1 Comment »

If you have been reading up on my story, you know that I spent years thinking that I had no options in curing my tinnitus and that this was something that I would have to deal with for the rest of my life :(. Nothing was possible; all was lost. My doctors told me that I had an “incurable disorder“, and this was it. For a long time, like other men and women that have the same problems as I do, I felt so depressed that my life with family and the job just plummeted into darkness.

I would never hear like everyone else. No good music, no birds whistling, and my doctors agreed.

Inside me though, I really had a touch of hope, a glimmer of disbelief. Now I realize that I should have paid more attention to the fighter inside of me. It was right.

As I’ve learned from the Tinnitus Miracle, the idea of having ringing in yours ears as a permanent occurrence, is something that is put into our heads by Western medicine. The $2 Billion hearing drug industry perpetually puts these ideas into our heads, and put money into doctors’ pockets. So thus far, pharmaceutical companies take advantage of us while we are hurting and depressed.


Here is the interesting thing about all of this.

In Chinese, there is no character for “permanent ringing.” Only “temporary imbalance”.

It’s a small wonder then that Eastern healers have been helping people with hearing disorders and ringing for thousands of years with no need for intervention from harmful pharmaceutical drugs.

So I ask you, are you a lost cause, or just temporarily imbalanced?

Have you noticed that you actually feel more empowered and in control of your hearing once you changed your mindset from permanent to temporary? Do you feel the wealth of possibilities out there? Imagine the many different ways that you can be in tune and in control of your body and find the endgame of ringing-free hearing! When was the last time that a doctor told you that they could fix you?

These thoughts have been floating around in my head for some time now as a result of reading the Tinnitus Miracle, aside from learning my body better and tuning into what is actually going on in my head. I have also been utilizing a variety of Eastern techniques and insights to help me stop the ringing.

I’m so happy that I have found the Tinnitus Miracle at this point in my life, as I have so much that I want to experience. I will be posting some more Eastern hearing secrets really soon. Meanwhile, I truly ask you to take a step back from the norm and reconsider your beliefs about tinnitus and constant ear ringing and how you have been approaching this challenge of getting rid of the ringing. I hope that my trials will help the many people that are on the same journey and have joined me along the way. You will find it inside yourself to stop fighting against your body and learn to appreciate what you have inside you. I hope you listen to what your body is telling you and heed the messages that lead you toward getting you where you belong.

You are not broken people. You are perfect, and you will stop the ringing.


Just wanted to take a second to say hey to all of the readers that have emailed and commented on my blog. It means a whole lot to have you on my side. To all of the Tinnitus Miracle family and friends that are on this journey right now, please understand that I think about all of you everyday and that my prayers are with you. If have yet to find the courage to join us, I heavily encourage you to do so. There have never been a better moment to change your entire life.

Week 1: A Step Closer to Stopping the Ringing

March 8th, 2009 / No Comments »

A week older, a week wiser, a week closer to getting rid of this ringing!  Through the Tinnitus Miracle I’ve learned heaps about my ears and how to better understand my ear canal, brain influence, and overall health.

In the first part of the Tinnitus Miracle, Thomas talks about anatomy and its part in clear hearing (pg. 17 if you are following along).  You probably were thinking to yourself, “why is this in here, are we in high school all over again?”  After reading more, I was surprised that I learned things that I’ve never known about previously.  There is very useful and concrete advice that has helped me understand this body that I’m in and utilize my energy to conquer the symptoms of tinnitus.

First, I know what the doctors have told me about stress, OTC drugs, and definitive hearing loss, I understand my conditions MUCH better after going through Thomas’  detailed, yet very easy to read breakdown of the way we hear (page 22-24).  What goes on in the canal and its link to the brain and how the ringing is developed and how it is all interpretted in the hearing process.  It is such good information and put visuals in my head to clarify more.

The West and its medicinal properties have just led me to believe that my Tinnitus is uncureable and I just have to buy treatments over and over again.  The money is in the medicine and not the cure, but WHY???  I frequently think about how many people are being scammed just so that pharmaceutical reps can make more money and keep their lavish lifestyles up.

So, Thomas asserts that knowledge is powerful (READ THIS PART).  In this, Thomas offers a great and unique way of identifying where you need to focus on your hearing cycle and understanding that hearing is not just one simple system (pages 45-48) and that you have to take in different aspects.

All of this is really mindblowing and nothing I’ve heard from any doctor visits or “tinnitus counselors”.  I keep a daily log of when I experience the most tinnitus symptoms and record what is going on around me so that I can calculate different stressors.  After seeing everything and being aware of my surroundings, we are able to pinpoint different parts that could be triggereing the tinnitus.  It’s all coming together!

Thomas discusses a decent amount of ways to understand triggers, but I’ll save those for my next post.

Top 5 Reasons Why I Chose The Tinnitus Miracle

March 1st, 2009 / 3 Comments »

After my last post, I got some comments and emails asking if I was sure I had made the right choice with The Tinnitus Miracle as my method for curing my tinnitus. Honestly, I think it is an obvious choice. Here’s a quick run-down on why.

  1. 1, I’ve got nothing to lose. When I decide on getting a book, I have to learn something from it.  With the Tinnitus Miracle, I know that I’m guaranteed to learn a technique that will help me, and that’s worth its weight in gold
  2. 2. I really believe this will work! Most other tinnitus and hearing health books are either memoirs or some kind of feel-good BS. As much as I appreciate a book that can make me laugh and feel better about myself, I WANT TO STOP THE RINGING! This is the only book that takes a 100% unique approach focused on holistic tinnitus cures.
  3. 3. This book gives an ACTIONABLE plan. Going back to my 2nd point, most of the other books are a bunch of “ideas” and “thoughts” without an actual “HOW TO.” The Tinnitus Miracle lays it all out in a comprehensive and actionable way!
  4. 4. It is based on 14 years of tinnitus research from someone that has actually suffered from ringing in the ears! Now, I respect the people in white lab coats, but there’s really something to be said for the wisdom of a man who has dedicated his life to solving his own tinnitus problems as well as those of thousands of other men and women as well.
  5. 5. It comes with a consultation from the author! Ever read a book and think “yeah, that sounds really great, but what about point a, b, and c???” Well, when you purchase the Tinnitus Miracle, you get to actually SPEAK to the author. I am very thankful that I got in on this while Thomas is still offering it!

The way I see it, I’m either going to get rid of my tinnitus, or get smarter about the subject. Either way, it’s a step closer to hearing clearer and that is what I’m trying, no going, to achieve. I hope this better explains my decision. So please do us both a favor, instead of sending me an email saying, “but what about this,” JUST DOWNLOAD THE BOOK! Talk is cheap, and your hearing isn’t getting any better. (I know my head is pounding right now). Let’s do this! I’ve already read through the whole book (took me less than a day). My next post will be about my first steps with the Tinnitus Miracle program. Please share your first experiences with the program in the comments below!  Together let’s get rid of tinnitus!

How Can I Stop The Ringing? Day 1 – Our Game Plan

February 20th, 2009 / 10 Comments »

In my last post, I explained how Gina and I had gotten to where we are today and that we were absolutely determined to stop this ringing in my head! After quite a bit of research, we think that we’ve found the right protocol for us.
By now, even my doctors have given up on me. They have declared me, in so many words, that I was a lost cause. But I refuse to that nonsense. I have heard of miracles, however, instead of wishing for one, I’d rather just find WHAT WORKS – and I think I have finally found it. As I’ve learned recently, the business of “curing tinnitus” is a $2 BILLION industry domineered by pharmaceutical giants who lobby to keep selling us suffering men and women bogus treatments and useless surgeries! Why? BECAUSE WE BUY IT! But we’re not stupid, are we? No. What we are is hopeful. We pray that each new self- proclaimed “cure tinnitus fast!” drug is the answer to our prayers. The companies recognize this and they milk our most fragile emotions for every last dime.

And for what? What do I have to show for all the ineffective ear drops and prescription drugs I’ve polluted my body with for the past few years? Nothing. Just an even greater feeling of distress and anxiety.




And I think I’ve found it… (um, rather Gina found it.)

While surfing through the sea of hearing aid blogs, hearing forums, etc., Gina came upon a story from a guy named Josiah from Kansas who got rid of his tinnitus that he suffered from throughout his early 20’s.   What was even more interesting was that, like me, he was in the construction industry and was told by doctors that he would just have to wait until symptoms subsided.

How did he do it? What was his “miracle?” Josiah attributed his getting rid of the ringing to his willingness to forget about Western medicine and adopt a more holistic approach that has been refined for thousands of years. Now, I’m not one for New-Age “magical” treatments, but from what Josiah explained, the Eastern approach was not mysticism, but a more WHOLESOME approach to a complex problem. The Ancient Chinese Cures recognize that in some people, ear problems have roots in the chemical balances in your body, not just your ears and the physical world around them.

Of everything I had heard up to this point , , this made sense to me . .

This sounded like it could truly work. .

And I didn’t have to do it alone!

I asked Josiah where I could get more information and he told me before he stopped the ringing that he too was not aware of the Eastern methodology of curing tinnitus.  However he was lucky and found a book called The Tinnitus Miracle. The Tinnitus Miracle was written by a man named Thomas Coleman, who was declared 100% out of luck.  Instead of accepting his supposed destiny, he made it his life goal to find a tinnitus solution that works! Thomas got rid of his tinnitus after years of research, and now is living tinnitus free!  I wanted to feel that way so badly…

Luckily for us, Thomas published 14 years of hearing research into The Tinnitus Miracle.
So after talking to Josiah and doing some more research I decided to purchase The Tinnitus Miracle!

tinnitus miracle


I’m so excited to get started! The Tinnitus Miracle offers a comprehensive, step by step method to stop the ringing using the secrets of Ancient Chinese medicine. I hope the people that have joined me on this journey will pick up the book for themselves as I’ll be posting my experiences and I hope you will be able to share yours with me as well!
Let’s do this people, there is a whole world of sounds to experience without the ringing!


From Vacation to Needing Sedation: How Ringing in My Ears Almost Ruined My Life

February 3rd, 2009 / 11 Comments »

Today I spoke to my wonderful wife, Gina, about my ears ringing. For the past 3 years it has been such a sensitive issue for both of us, we’ve not really been able to discuss it properly as adults. Having put our bad times behind us, Gina and I are 100% focused on figuring out how to stop the ringing in my ears. Before I fill you in on what we decided to do, let me tell you a bit about Gina and I and how we got to this point.

It’s a funny story, actually.  I met Gina through a friend at a Christian book club that I was attending.  We met for lunch and I just couldn’t get her out of my mind.  I think she actually hated me in the beginning; as I was a bit less confident then and I now know that confidence is a must for her.  We dated for about 2 years and then I was forced to move for my job, and I just couldn’t say no to the opportunity to live my dream as a foreman on a major job in Las Vegas.  Gina gave me the sad eyes and I told her that I would return.  Leaving was a big mistake.

I missed Gina with a fiery passion, and I couldn’t stand to be away from her.  I ended up quitting my job and running back to be with Gina, but lo and behold I could not get a hold of her.  I spent that next month going to the same place that we had our first date, hoping that she would show her face.  Since it was her favorite deli spot, I saw her and greeted her with a hug that could kill.  Never wanting to be without her, I proposed on the spot.  (In the heat of the moment, I realized I didn’t have a ring.  Didn’t change her mind though :D )

Things have been great with us ever since then.  We now have a beautiful son and are expecting a baby now! But a few years back, the problems started.

I considered myself a healthy guy until the ringing in my ears started. Conversations turned into arguments since I barely could communicate without being distracted by the ringing in my ears.  On our anniversary vacation, we fought more than enjoyed ourselves, as a irritated Gina could not take me complaining about ear pain, not hearing what she said, and me constantly wanting to lay down due to the stress and strain.  I had to see a doctor.  After my initial visit, I got a call.

Dr: Jon?

Me: Yes…

Dr: Jon… your tests came back.


…Jon, I’m sorry to tell you this, but we cannot tell you exactly what is causing the ringing, but there are options.

Me: I’m sorry, I’m not sure I get it.

Dr: …in 99.9% of the cases it is incurable.


Tinnitus is what I believe you are suffering from..

Me: Tinnitus?! I’m still young! That can’t be right!

Dr: I’m sorry Jon, I really sympathize with you, but it’s my responsibility to relay this news to you honestly. I know it must be very difficult to handle. I understand if you’d like to get a second opinion.

Second opinion?! Hell, I got 4 opinions! So?! They were all the same. My ears had failed me DECADES before they ought to, and doctors cannot do a thing for me.  Every doctor had the same story.  Either I sit down for a long ear surgery and hope for the best, or get more sleep.  This was not what I was looking for from a qualified physician.  And let’s not even talk about the bills! As I mentioned in my first blog post, I had a major life changing event recently that has allowed me to switch from the “Why Can’t I Stop the Ringing?” cry of desperation to the “How Can I Stop the Ringing?” journey to success.

Since this post is so long, in the next post, I will explain what Gina and I have decided to do.

Side note:  My first post encouraged 15 excited people to subscribe! I am really motivated knowing that I will be helping other people sharing my pain! So please, it would mean a lot if you would subscribe to “My Tinnitus Miracle?” and join me on my no-is-not-an-option journey to cure tinnitus.