Eastern Medicine. Snake Oil or the Key to Stopping the Ringing?

My readers know that I’m from a traditional family and I grew up in a community that the words “Eastern Medicine” and “Holistic Healing” would have gotten me exiled from the house. HA. It would likely be thought of as something a doctor from California would do and would involve a silly ritual in a church. If you went on to explain that you were really referring to medicinal properties from East Asia, the person to whom you are speaking to might inquire, “Is that like voodoo practices from Louisiana like vampires and stuff?”

You probably are laughing at me, but after my last post, I got plenty of emails from people that were outraged that I mentioned that ringing in the ears was a condition that is mostly made up by drug companies to make money off of people that are in a bad situation in their lives.

One man wrote to me this:


My wife and I are huge fans of your blog. It’s given us a lot of insight and inspiration, but I’m honestly a bit ticked off that you would say that tinnitus is “made up.” It feels like a slap in the face to read that.

It’s been almost 27 months since I’ve been trying to get rid of tinnitus and it hasn’t been going very well at all. How can you say this Jon? How can I be imagining what’s going on in my head??

Perhaps there’s something I don’t get about the Eastern view of tinnitus. Could you please explain this better?

Looking forward to your response,

D——–, IA

I completely understand his outrage at what I said, so I would like to better explain why I have my heart set that Eastern medicine has the key to solving tinnitus.

Unlike Western medicine, Eastern techniques look a the entire body as a complex system and not just at what is wrong.

You probably already know, but for those that don’t, cancerous cells often originate in one part of the body and spreads itself to other parts of the body. The medical and regular world accepts it and knows that this is the sad reality. The cancer doesn’t care about which body part it affects, it sees all available cells as possibilities to infect.

We can now get into how Western medicinal practices attempts to treat tinnitus. The approach that we are most familiar with is that of finding the “broken” part of the ear and fix it however possible. They assume that if you hear ringing or different sounds during the day then the problem must originate in your hearing organs. Even so, what if the problem doesn’t lie in the anvil, stirrup, or hammer, but just manifests itself there. What if the root of the problem is in your mouth or throat? Believing in such, Chinese medicine does believe that the mouth and throat, along with a few other key areas, are involved with hearing health.


I thought this was weird at first, but that went away quickly as I realized that there is nothing saying that my ringing of the ears even has to do with the parts of my ears. As it all started to come together in my head, I began to see how the drugs and possible surgeries do not solve the cause of tinnitus, but only treat it on the “outside”.

So, to treat tinnitus and ringing ears properly, a holistic or entire body approach is what is necessary, and this is exactly what Eastern techniques bring to the table and taught in the Tinnitus Miracle.

What is with the “Energy”? It sounds like fake magic to me.

Not really. In the Tinnitus Miracle, Thomas talks about the different energies (i.e. ying, yang, chi, etc.) that explains imbalances in the body that can cause the ringing. This could sound like some “trendy” mess at first, but it really makes a lot of sense. Actually, I now find it quite strange that the idea of energy is not even a part of Western medicine practices.

If we accept that the body is indeed a complex, interrelated whole, rather than a bunch of loosely related parts, then we need some way to understand how each part of the body communicates with the rest. Western medicine breaks the body into individual “systems,” where the “blood” is the messenger of the cardiovascular system; neurons are the messengers of the nervous system. But the Western approach still doesn’t explain how all of these systems coexist within the body. How do they all work together? This is precisely what the concept of “energy” explains in eastern medicine – how the bodies parts function with respect to whole at the most basic level.

Still sound a bit far-fetched? Well take this into consideration – Western medicine accepts that the nervous system is literally an electrical network. Read that again, electrical network. So the significant of energies isn’t magic after all? Western medicine doesn’t reject the concept of energy in the body, yet it just leaves a few parts out.

OK.  So what is this talk about “broken” versus “imbalanced?”

That’s a good question. I said before that the doctors I had visited about my ringing had said that I was a lost cause (in better terms, of course), since I didn’t know much about my problem, and neither did they. That was it. To them, they thought that my ears were broken. To alleviate the problem I had to have substances placed into my body (plus surgery was tossed in there) and I was feeling sick and still didn’t help me get rid of the ringing.

The Eastern approach in the Tinnitus Miracle does not think that I am broken nor do I need help from another to fix myself. In place of that, it says that I am only temporary “imbalanced” and the remedy doesn’t require help, but just a constant focus on getting better from within. After the fact that this is the way to think about life, it gives way to other ways to cure tinnitus such as acupuncture, herbal teas and supplements, diets, mediation, and plenty of other ways.

Saying this, anybody that has been told that there is “nothing they can do” should be EXTREMELY interested in the Holistic method of the Tinnitus Miracle.

Hope that this has answered many questions that you may have had about holistic treatments on the path towards tinnitus treatment. I am fully convinced that the Eastern approach is way more effective for men and women with tinnitus problems.

If you haven’t already joined our community of Tinnitus Miracle men and women , please download the Tinnitus Miracle now. You have too much to gain, and absolutely nothing to lose. Remember, the program comes with a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not absolutely convinced that it will get rid of your Tinnitus.

I sincerely hope this blog will encourage many more people to join our group of WINNERS! Can’t wait to have you with us!

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