Surving the “Is It Gone Yet?” Period

Like I’ve said before, I always would sit down with Gina and just focus on getting the ringing out of my head. If you’ve been feeling like I’ve been feeling than you know that it can be ever-present and ever-annoying. We blocked out all of the stress and anxiety present in our lives and just brought in peace and relaxation. It really helped and put me and my body in the right place to end the ringing.

It’s only going to be a few days now according the Tinnitus Miracle which has been my bible for the last few weeks. The wait for that day seems like forever! Those of you that are with me have already been talking to me through email. I know we are going to cure it!

Here are some awesome ways inspired by the Tinnitus Miracle and its tips on dealing with the wait and not becoming impatient and killing yourself in the process!

* Dig Yourself Into A New Project. Quit thinking about the ringing (I know it’s hard!) just for a minute and think about your original passions and what you like to do for fun. Build a new art table or even paint a picture. Charcoal drawings can be fun too. Do you like to read? Pick up a new book or blog (pleasure, not business) and just immerse yourself. Just make sure that you are having a good time doing it. Finally you can watch those Family Guy episodes you’ve wanted to watch, guilt free!

* No hearing thoughts! Not literally, but don’t think about the ringing in your ears or how great it would be if it stopped. Don’t make it worse by thinking about listening to music and outdoors or anything or talking to people about your problem. If you have been following the steps as they are explained in the Tinnitus Miracle, then you have all the tools and energy in you to get the ringing to stop.

* Fun Fun Fun! If possible, head out on a vacation or have fun with your significant other. Go out on a romantic date or have dinner and a nice smoothie. Just make sure you are smiling! [If you haven’t been doing this a lot, give it a try during this time give it a try!]

* Love! Show your family how much you love them, and even get sensual with your lover. Always makes me smile!

Sending a big shout out to all my friends that I’ve met during testing Tinnitus Miracle friends. I am proud of all of you guys. I’ve gotten a few success stories already and I know that there are many more to come.  For the people that are just jumping in with us, it isn’t too late to get rid of the ringing! This is a community of mutually supportive men and women who are determined to get rid of tinnitus against anything. If you are ready to stop the ringing, join us now!

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