Tinnitus – Severe Medical Condition or $2 Billion Pharmaceutical Scam?

If you have been reading up on my story, you know that I spent years thinking that I had no options in curing my tinnitus and that this was something that I would have to deal with for the rest of my life :(. Nothing was possible; all was lost. My doctors told me that I had an “incurable disorder“, and this was it. For a long time, like other men and women that have the same problems as I do, I felt so depressed that my life with family and the job just plummeted into darkness.

I would never hear like everyone else. No good music, no birds whistling, and my doctors agreed.

Inside me though, I really had a touch of hope, a glimmer of disbelief. Now I realize that I should have paid more attention to the fighter inside of me. It was right.

As I’ve learned from the Tinnitus Miracle, the idea of having ringing in yours ears as a permanent occurrence, is something that is put into our heads by Western medicine. The $2 Billion hearing drug industry perpetually puts these ideas into our heads, and put money into doctors’ pockets. So thus far, pharmaceutical companies take advantage of us while we are hurting and depressed.


Here is the interesting thing about all of this.

In Chinese, there is no character for “permanent ringing.” Only “temporary imbalance”.

It’s a small wonder then that Eastern healers have been helping people with hearing disorders and ringing for thousands of years with no need for intervention from harmful pharmaceutical drugs.

So I ask you, are you a lost cause, or just temporarily imbalanced?

Have you noticed that you actually feel more empowered and in control of your hearing once you changed your mindset from permanent to temporary? Do you feel the wealth of possibilities out there? Imagine the many different ways that you can be in tune and in control of your body and find the endgame of ringing-free hearing! When was the last time that a doctor told you that they could fix you?

These thoughts have been floating around in my head for some time now as a result of reading the Tinnitus Miracle, aside from learning my body better and tuning into what is actually going on in my head. I have also been utilizing a variety of Eastern techniques and insights to help me stop the ringing.

I’m so happy that I have found the Tinnitus Miracle at this point in my life, as I have so much that I want to experience. I will be posting some more Eastern hearing secrets really soon. Meanwhile, I truly ask you to take a step back from the norm and reconsider your beliefs about tinnitus and constant ear ringing and how you have been approaching this challenge of getting rid of the ringing. I hope that my trials will help the many people that are on the same journey and have joined me along the way. You will find it inside yourself to stop fighting against your body and learn to appreciate what you have inside you. I hope you listen to what your body is telling you and heed the messages that lead you toward getting you where you belong.

You are not broken people. You are perfect, and you will stop the ringing.


Just wanted to take a second to say hey to all of the readers that have emailed and commented on my blog. It means a whole lot to have you on my side. To all of the Tinnitus Miracle family and friends that are on this journey right now, please understand that I think about all of you everyday and that my prayers are with you. If have yet to find the courage to join us, I heavily encourage you to do so. There have never been a better moment to change your entire life.

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