Top 5 Reasons Why I Chose The Tinnitus Miracle

After my last post, I got some comments and emails asking if I was sure I had made the right choice with The Tinnitus Miracle as my method for curing my tinnitus. Honestly, I think it is an obvious choice. Here’s a quick run-down on why.

  1. 1, I’ve got nothing to lose. When I decide on getting a book, I have to learn something from it.  With the Tinnitus Miracle, I know that I’m guaranteed to learn a technique that will help me, and that’s worth its weight in gold
  2. 2. I really believe this will work! Most other tinnitus and hearing health books are either memoirs or some kind of feel-good BS. As much as I appreciate a book that can make me laugh and feel better about myself, I WANT TO STOP THE RINGING! This is the only book that takes a 100% unique approach focused on holistic tinnitus cures.
  3. 3. This book gives an ACTIONABLE plan. Going back to my 2nd point, most of the other books are a bunch of “ideas” and “thoughts” without an actual “HOW TO.” The Tinnitus Miracle lays it all out in a comprehensive and actionable way!
  4. 4. It is based on 14 years of tinnitus research from someone that has actually suffered from ringing in the ears! Now, I respect the people in white lab coats, but there’s really something to be said for the wisdom of a man who has dedicated his life to solving his own tinnitus problems as well as those of thousands of other men and women as well.
  5. 5. It comes with a consultation from the author! Ever read a book and think “yeah, that sounds really great, but what about point a, b, and c???” Well, when you purchase the Tinnitus Miracle, you get to actually SPEAK to the author. I am very thankful that I got in on this while Thomas is still offering it!

The way I see it, I’m either going to get rid of my tinnitus, or get smarter about the subject. Either way, it’s a step closer to hearing clearer and that is what I’m trying, no going, to achieve. I hope this better explains my decision. So please do us both a favor, instead of sending me an email saying, “but what about this,” JUST DOWNLOAD THE BOOK! Talk is cheap, and your hearing isn’t getting any better. (I know my head is pounding right now). Let’s do this! I’ve already read through the whole book (took me less than a day). My next post will be about my first steps with the Tinnitus Miracle program. Please share your first experiences with the program in the comments below!  Together let’s get rid of tinnitus!

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3 Responses to “Top 5 Reasons Why I Chose The Tinnitus Miracle”

Andrew March 2nd, 2009 at 7:55 am

Thats it man I’m joining you, gonna get it too and see what happens

Boris March 3rd, 2009 at 2:59 pm

Ok, me too. I’m sick of this ringing sh*t

Thanks to your blog I’m actually gonna do somethin about my ears ringing

Henery March 26th, 2009 at 11:01 am

You haven’t posted in a little while, just wondering how things are going!!!
I’m following you really closely now. My brother has tinnitus really bad. Our dad had it too and it really drove him nuts. Hope it works for you jon, it’ll make a great bday gift for my bro.


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